GTD GmbH presents the PRECAST Project at ESA ESTEC

GTD GmbH presents the PRECAST Project at ESA ESTEC

GTD’s PRECAST study is presented at the ESA final presentations day

GTD GmbH presented the results of the PRECAST project (Portability, Reproducibility and Exception Handling of Control Software on Host and Target Platforms) at TEC-ED & TEC-SW Final Presentation Day on 11th December 2018 by the project and general manager of GTD GmbH Andoni Arregi.

Abstract of the presentation is available at here. The presentation is available here

The objective of the PRECAST project was to test the portability and reproducibility issues of numerical computation in space software throughout different hardware and software platforms. Especially with the aim to provide some hints and guidelines for those developing numerical computations in model based environments and those in need of reliably reproducible results on their target on-board computing platforms. Floating-point arithmetic is ubiquitous in computer systems to approximate real-number arithmetic, but is often misused without regarding appropriate ranges or other conditions. This analysis has been based on the use of MLFS (Mathematical Library for Flight Software) developed by GTD GmbH as a candidate solution to ensure the numerical reproducibility of elementary mathematical procedures.

MLFS is already integrated in the VEGA-C, Euclid and MTG (Meteosat Third Generation) and it is foreseen to be used in coming ESA missions.

ESA financed this activity within its TRP program under the contract 4000122343/17/NL/FE/as.

See Mathematical Library for Critical Systems for more