Embedded Software

GTD GmbH has realized embedded software projects using different CPU architectures in the C programming language:

  • ARM AM335x (Texas Instruments)
  • SPARC LEON2 to LEON4, AT697E, GR712, LEON4-N2X (Cobham Gaisler AB)

Depending on the projects needs, different operating systems have been used. On the customer's request, the operating system is modified and optimized:

  • RTEMS (Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems)
  • Linux
  • Bare Metal (no operating system, i.e. hand written start-up code)

We develop specialized drivers for embedded platforms, e.g. to optimize performance and to support customer specific hardware:

  • SpaceWire
  • CAN
  • UART
  • SPI
  • Timer

Developing software takes place according to established standards such as MISRA-C. For the validation according to the standard we use PC-lint.