XCOR Lynx Payload Scheduler

XCOR Lynx, payload configuration, artist's impression
XCOR Lynx, payload configuration, artist's impression. Picture: XCOR Aerospace

Software development and construction of a COTS based engineering prototype for a "Payload Service Box" for the "XCOR Lynx" rocket plane.

The "XCOR Lynx" carries migrogravitation experiments on its suborbital spaceflights. These experiments shall be controlled by a "Payload Service Box" that provides electrical power to the experiment payloads, sends control pulses according to a pre-determined protocol and records measurement data.

GTD GmbH has constructed an engineering prototype that consists of 5 Commercial-off-the-shelf microcontroller boards and developed the control software. The following activities have been carried out:

  • Coordination and management of the software development activities.
  • Procurement of prototype components.
  • Development of the payload control software.
  • Creation of software documentation / user manual.