MLFS (Mathematical Library for Flight Software)

Errordistribution of the sine function
Error distribution of the sine function
Numerical differences between simulation and
                target platform
Numerical differences between simulation and target platformon

Timeframe: 2016-2018

Reengineering and qualification (on LEON2 and LEON4 prozessors) of a mathematical library according to ECSS (European Cooperation for Space Standardization) for the European Space Agency ESA.

MLFS contains fundamental mathematical functions and allows a simple reuse (qualification for a specific project) for space missions following ECSS. Future space projects such as EUCLID and VEGA-C will presumably use MLFS.

The library has been qualified by 4072 unit tests and 1013 validation tests. Additionally most 32-bit functions have been tested exhaustively for all input values.

Further Information is available on the web page of the European Space Agency ESA: European Space Software Repository

In the follow-up study PRECAST (Portability, Reproducibility, and Exception Handling of Control Software on Host and Target Platforms) GTD has established guidelines to guarantee numerical reproducability between simulation environments and target platforms.