FOAM-C (Foam and Optics Mechanics - Coarsening)

Measured count rate of the corrtector over time
Measured count rate of the corrtector over time
Abschnittsweise berechnete, animierte Korrelationsfunktion
Sectionwise calculated and animated correlation function

Timeframe: 2018

Development of a ground software for Airbus DS for data preparation, analysis and evaluation of level 0 and level 1 science data originating from the ISS experiment FOAM-C.

The software allows live monitoring of the data acquisition by the operator of the ground station, B-USOC, and access to the corrtector data and correlation function for scientists.

A single CorrTector produces approx. 70 000 records per hour, each having a size of up to 8 KB. Most experiments run for several hours or even multiple days, meaning an enormous amount of data is accumulated. The analysis software allows to import data of several days and experiments, provides a quick overview of available data streams and can create plots from them.

The data import is done incrementally. This allows to take a look at new data as soon as it is downloaded to the ground station. Based on this live data, the operator of the experiment can determine if the data received from the currently running experiment is as expected.