Development of SVF Simulation Models

SVF, schematic diagram
SVF, schematic diagram

Adaption, modification and test of simulation models for the Astrobus 400-SVF (Software Validation Facility).

Simulation models that replicate the behaviour of individual devices and subsystesm form part of the SVF for the Astrobus 400 satellite platform. A specialized tool is used to configure the interfaces of the simulation models in a graphical way. Source code templates can then be generated based on the graphical models. The code that defines the desired behaviour is the added manually. Additionally, a series of unit tests and functional tests are developed that test different properties of the simulation models. An integration suite that is based on Apache Ant compiles the simulation models and executes the associated tests automatically.

Activities included:

  • Analysis and adaptation of simulation models from other projects: Magnetometer, Magnetorquer (MTQ), Coarse Sun Sensor (CSS), Coarse Earth and Sun Sensor (CESS), Star Tracker (STR), Remote Interface Unit (RIU), GNSS Receiver.
  • Adaption of the associated unit tests.
  • Migration of the functional tests from Simops 4 to Simops 5.
  • Extraction of commonly used functionality into a shared program library.
  • Configuration and customization of the build and integration system.
  • Extensive modification of the RIU model in concordance with the physical device.