Validation of the Central Software of EarthCARE and Sentinel-2

Sentinel-2, artist's impression. Picture: ESA

Validation of the Central Software (CSW) of Sentinel-2 and EarthCARE on an SVF.

The Central Software of the satellites is repsonsible for commanding the different devices aboard the satellite (platform and payload) and switching them on and off. To this end, the Central Software has to receive and forward telemetry and telecommand data.

Sentinel-2 is an earth observation satellite with a multispectral imaging instrument. The acquired data can be used for the monitoring of the planet's vegetation and water balance. EarthCARE is an earth observation satellite as well. Its task is to collect data about clouds and aerosols in the earth's atmosphere.

Test procedures are designed to validate the software. They are then implemented in Java using the Simops simulation framework. By assessing the test results, errors in the CSW, SVF, database and documentation or other problems can then be analyzed by assessing the test results.

The following tasks have been carried out:

  • Design of test procedures and SVS (w.r.t. TS, RB)
  • Programming of the test procedures for the SVF platform (Java, Simops, ClearCase)
  • Identification of erors in the CSW, SVF and documentation (ClearQuest, Redmine)