On-Board Software Development and Validation for SmallGEO

EDRS (European Data Relay System), artist's impression
EDRS (European Data Relay System), artist's impression. Picture: ESA


Development of a software driver for the Payload Management Unit (PMU) for EDRS-C and integration of the driver into a Special Check-Out Equipment (SCOE).

The drivers duty is to control the relaying of TM/TC packets between the payloads, the ground station and other OBSW components. Some of the telemetry data is converted and send to other OBSW components, e.g., to Thermal Control/Heaters.

The PMU control software is integrated into a SCOE as well. This SCOE can communicate with the PMU by means of TM/TC packets for testing purposes independently from the OBSW.

Tasks that have been executed:

  • Requirement specification using DOORS
  • Detailed design (UML/Rhapsody)
  • Programming in C and C++/QT (SCOE)
  • Update of the on-board telemetry and telecommand database.

Hispasat AG1

GTD engineers participate in the integration and validation of the Hispasat AG1 simulator.

This simulator is used for the preparation and validation of the satellite's on-board procedures and the training of operators. Several operational scenarios are defined and implemented. These scenarios are required to start a simulation run in a specified state, e.g., "satellite is in GTO" (Geostationary Transfer Orbit) or "satellite is in GEO" (Geostationary Orbit). Activites conducted include the integration and validation of several simulator components.

SmallGEO, artist's impression
SmallGEO, artist's impression. Picture: OHB System AG


SmallGEO is satellite platform for communication satellites in geo-synchronous orbits that is developed by OHB. EDRS-C(European Data Relay System, Satellite "C") and Hispasat AG1 are the SmallGEO mission that build on the new satellite bus system.