Airbus A330-MRTT

Aerial refuelling with the A330-MRTT
Aerial refuelling with the A330-MRTT, Picture: Airbus Military

Design and qualification of avionics software and communication protocols (CAN, SPI) for the sensor unit and the "Boomer Control Stick" of Airbus Military's A330-MRTT.

The software has been qualified according to "Design Assurance Level A" (highest level of criticality) of the DO-178B standard. The A330-MRTT is a multirole tanker and transport aircraft. The airplane has a "boom" at its tail through which other aircraft can be refuelled in-flight. Engineers of GTD GmbH have been involved in the following activities:

  • Requirements analysis and design of the software architecture.
  • Specification and execution of automated test procedures.
  • Traceability and coverage analysis.
  • Worst-case runtime analysis.
  • Creation of qualification documents.